Minimalistic wardrobe

The minimalistic wardrobe is not a fashion statement but its the way of life. It’s more on an internal side than external. Fashion is one thing that everyone enjoys. To keep the wardrobe up to date is always a fun, excited part. The online fashion spree with the edition of so many cool brands here and there are creating a splurging wave of great fashion choices and great style statement.

Everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to be fashionable. But is it worth it?? What should be the limit? And where should we stop? Because these things and these desires have no limits. Why do you need so much? And who decides what we want? And why can’t we make the things we want to have?

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These questions are very easy to answer. Only you can tell and decide how much you actually need. For me maybe a pair of pants and shirts with a pair of shoes is fine and on the other hand, the same person having the same sort of activities require 10 pants, 10 teeshirts, 10 bags and 20 shoes. Why not. This is where is restrict ourselves. This is where we tell and judge actually how much minimalistic wardrobe we need. 

Minimalistic wardrobe

Wardrobe and clothes are the things that go out of fashion in a short span of time and a constant urge to match up with rest of the people, force us to buy unnecessary clothes and eventually, we end up piling up our wardrobe, in our individual homes and finally to our landfills wherein they decompose in hundreds of years to come, emit so many harmful gases to the environment, exploit so many other resources in other aspects of the workforce, transportation, carbon footprints and human rights. The minimalistic wardrobe is our answer.

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What should be your maximum limit of shopping or maybe I should put it in a way that how much minimalistic wardrobe arrangement you can figure out to make it sound logical, conscious and not very planet hurting. I have tried to list down or analyze the maximum wardrobe essentials for him and her so that we know the limit of our shopping desires. How crazy one should go when one sees the billboard of fashion sales, limited editions and promotions. Minimalistic wardrobe essentials list will help us generate a way to/lead a simple life.

Way to Minimalistic Wardrobe – What is minimalism ?

Minimalism comes with having few things only, that you actually need. Minimalism cut short the luxury and works towards sustainability.

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It only talks about the necessity and not luxury. It automatically distracts us with everything that we really don’t need but can manage without it easily. Minimalism takes you out from the race of showing off and makes you stand in slowing down lifestyle. To have a rush and gush of buying the things don’t attract minimalism.

Minimalism takes you out of the celebrity culture, what you see on the television, on social media and many other platforms. This doesn’t take you in that direction. it takes you out the duplicate. Minimalism takes you out of more things and better things and better technology. Duplicacy is not related to minimalism.

Minimalistic wardrobe

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It is more of an internal aspect than external. And the thing about minimalism is that it is totally achievable. Having to possess things that are the only necessity is not difficult. We have already seen the times of pandemic that once we all got locked down in our homes we started and got ourself equipped with only the essentials. We didn’t eat out, we did not run for shopping sales, we did not buy extra clothes, extra appliances, extra food and EXTRA belongings, just right and just what we need, that is what is MINIMALISM.

What are the benefits of minimalistic wardrobe ?

  • it makes you more organized
  • It saves you cost
  • It saves you time
  • It saves you energy
  • It saves you extra packaging
  • It saves you wastage
  • It makes you more planet friendly
  • It helps you concentrate in other important things
  • It helps you set the standard positive
  • It simplifies your approach
  • It gives you financial freedom
  • It reduces your stress
  • It’s so easy to clean
  • It gives you freedom
  • It helps the environment
  • It sets a very good example for the people around you
  • It helps you support other causes
  • It makes you more productive
  • It makes you happy and content.

How you can you achieve minimalistic wardrobe ?

With this ever-growing world how can you adopt minimalism? How can you figure out a way for you minimalistic wardrobe? How can you restrict yourself with so many choices around?

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There are some ways by which you can streamline your self to achieve a minimalistic wardrobe!

Minimalistic wardrobe

Define the style you want to follow

To adopt a minimalistic wardrobe you should define your fashion style. You want it classic or you want it chic, you like vintage or you like the casual, bohemian, street style or any simple formal style. One needs to define the real fashion style of an individual.

Once you choose or know your style it becomes very easy for you to choose your colour, choose your palette and choose your essentials. Minimalism helps you advocates easy simple ways and your life becomes much easy.
For example, if you follow a classic style, the colour palette of your minimalistic wardrobe will have classic blues and blacks and whites on the contrary if you are following a bohemian style you will have lots of prints and colour pops and multicoloured pallets. That’s how it works. It will be easy for you to follow and buy what you actually need.

Donate your clothes

The second approach for a minimalistic wardrobe is just donate your extra clothes. Whatever piling up you have already done in the past , just give them away in an thrift store or just donate to some social organizations that are using the same and incorporating the used wardrobe in a better way. Once you are left with only the things you want it out of your style, the minimalistic wardrobe thing will become so easy for you.

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Reuse / upcycle your clothes

The thing to get to reach yourself to follow a minimalistic wardrobe attitude is to recycle and up-cycle your existing clothes. As you must be knowing by now that RECYCLING is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. The recyclability of a material depends on its ability to reacquire the properties it had in its virgin or original state and UPCYCLING is reusing (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. So up-cycle and recycle your clothes to attain the minimalistic wardrobe essentials right.

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Sell your clothes 

Another thing you can do its sell your clothes, get money out of it or any other exchange that you can do. This will help you clear your wardrobe and make you clear of a clean wardrobe wherein you are free of any extra clothing in your closet. You have all the right to go for clean, fewer fashion choices.

Selling your clothes will make you more organised, more money-saving and more productive in terms of so many ways. There are so many organisation that take clothes in exchange for many goodies. You can look for them and donate your clothes.

Minimalistic wardrobe

Own the basics 

Then finally to simplify just look for the basics as per your needs and for your area of interest depending on your style statement and for your belongings and activities. And go for it. This basic- changes with everyone, like a person who exercises a lot need more of a gym or workout essentials than a person who is a writer or a dancer. A swimmer needs other things in life than a normal engineer or a teacher.

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So basics depends on what profession you are in and what are your daily activities are comprised of. Once you figure out the basics according to your activities or crafts it will help you a lot in creating a minimalistic wardrobe palette for your well being.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essentials for MEN

*this is a general list that we made just give you an idea of what things you actually need in given a scenario. This may differ with everyone but this is our take. Have a look,

Minimalistic Wardrobe for Men
Minimalistic Wardrobe for Men

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 1 – 3 SHIRTS
We need formal shirts to go to work, be it any sector. So considering we work 5 days, 3 formal shirts are good to have. I usually choose classic white, blue and 1 with checks to break the monotony.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 2 – 2 TROUSERS
Another formal suiting includes trousers that many organisation ask one to wear. So keeping in mind 5 days work culture again, having to possess 2 basic trousers or maybe black and beige colour can help you get through the working days of the week.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 3 – 1 SHORT
Usually, when you are out over the weekends for an informal casual meeting with friends and loved once, we can wear shorts with some cool shirts. One short is good enough to move on with your weekend activities.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 4 – 1 JEANS
Jeans is an all-time classic. And 1 jeans to go with the weekend or some time with office week parties clubbed with some cool tee shirts is very great and comfortable to wear on. So 1 jeans is a good investment. We would choose classic blue that goes with almost everything and can be worn with every colour.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 5 – 3 TEESHIRTS
Now come some cool teeshirts. Polo or round or v neck teeshirts can go with everything and are very comfortable wardrobe match to wear in all the formal and semi-formal occasions. 3 Tee shirts in some classic shade of White, blue and red is a great choice to have because these three colours go with every scenario.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 6 – 3 SHOES
I know lots of people will have a hard time adjusting to the fact that we only need three types of shoes basically. In our opinion, one pair of formals, one pair of sneakers and one outdoor slipper or slip-on is good enough to get you going. Rest everything is luxury.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 7 – 1 TRENCH COAT
This one is for winters and people living in the regions where there is too much cold and snow. Tropical climate doesn’t need this bit but looking and considering people from all the range and areas 1 classic grey or black trench coat is a must for everyone.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 8 – 2 PULLOVERS
Pullover to wear beneath the coat is also essential for people living in the colder regions. So a classic black and evergreen, the navy blue sweater is a must for people living in lower temperature or just in case you plan your vacations in these areas.

Minimalistic wardrobe

Having a pair of boot is a luxury and flexible item but for some people, it’s a must-have. So one type of boots is good enough to get you going.

1 sleepover set to make you relax well is also an item lots of people wouldn’t get it without. Comfortable pyjamas set or a tee with a comfortable short is a good investment for your minimalistic wardrobe.

Another thing that you cannot excuse is a good durable and sustainable workout sets. There are so many sustainable fitness brands for clothing available in the market these days, you can just opt for that and go for it.

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A classic set of formal pants and coat is also something that you need here and there. So investing in a nice tuxedo or formal suiting is not a bad choice at all. Just have a classic bow, coat and well fitted trousers are a great way to have something for special occasions.


Minimalistic Wardrobe Essentials for WOMEN

Minimalistic Wardrobe for Women
Minimalistic Wardrobe for Women

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 1 – 2 DRESSES
For girls, it’s a bit tricky because they are always out of the choices in clothes but still with lots of thoughts we can think to achieve minimalistic wardrobe with 2 smart dresses in black and bold red colour. This can help the girls getaway with lots of occasions, be it office or any formal event or any casual weekend outings. These two classic outfits can help you fit in everywhere.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 2 – 1 SHIRT
One classic white shirt never hurts anyone. Girls should also have one classic shirt for their 5 days office schedule. It’s a must in everyone wardrobe.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 3 – 1 TROUSER
We will add a trouser in girls wardrobe as sometimes a basic white shirt and a classic beige trouser can help you stand out. These colours are so ongoing that it never stands you out of fashion. So being very minimalistic one can achieve great fashion statements.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 4 – 1 SKIRT
Next up to this list is a crisp smart black skirt. This can team up with nice shirts or basic tees or blouses and also it can go with any informal, formal occasions. One classic black skirt is also an ideal choice to add in once wardrobe.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 5 – 3 TOPS\BLOUSES
To add some edge to once wardrobe lets get in some colours. A pop of pink or yellow blouse and to complete the palette mix with some florals and shimmers. Their tops can also be comfortably accommodated in a girls wardrobe.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 6 – 1 JEANS
Again classic blue denim is a must-have for every wardrobe irrespective of the gender.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 7 – 1 SHORTS
1 light blue coloured shorts for girls can go with so many outings and outdoors. So one light blue shorts can be included in one’s minimalistic wardrobe.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 8 – 3 SHOES
Like boys wardrobe I know for some no shoes are enough for girls as well. So cutting down on that. The essential shoes can be cut short to 3 pairs with one stiletto, one sneaker and one slipper, that would help and cover almost every occasions.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 9 – 1 TRENCH COAT
For girls living in colder lands. 1 trench coat is essential to get it going.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Essential 10 – 2 SWEATERS
A black and a beige pullovers to add in essential minimalistic wardrobe of any girls closet.


same as above the boots can be added for the people who stay in winter areas and need some boots to beat the cold.

A nice comfortable lounge set to have a comfortable sleep is also a thing to add in your minimalistic Essential wardrobe.

Fitness is very crucial these days and everyone wants to possess and workout properly. So one workout set is also a luxury item that can be added in once wardrobe,

A classic formal set to go out to events, parties or a wedding should also be kept in mind. To do that one nice gown or a dress or any other formal dressing from your area of interest should be added in the minimalistic wardrobe of a woman.


Conclusion – Simplify you life

Simplifying your lives with things you really need.

Simplifying means removing anything that distracts us from living with intentionality and freedom. People who live simple lives don‘t fit into the consumerist culture that is promoted by corporations, and politicians. They are not photographed for magazines, interviewed on the radio, and recorded for television. Yet, they live a life that is attractive and inviting.

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While most people are chasing after success, glamour, and fame, minimalism calls out to us with a smaller, quieter, calmer voice. It invites us to slow down, consume less, but enjoy more. And when we meet someone living a simplified life, we often recognize that we have been chasing after the wrong things all along.

Minimalistic wardrobe

Going in the path of minimalism will have a lot of benefits not only in the terms of environment and surrounding but also your natural well being, it will help your self and it will set you free. So what is the next step you will be taking to move forward with your natural simple lifestyle? what is the next step you are taking to cut down on your spree of shopping? and what steps will you be taking to differentiate between your needs and wants?

Decide yourself.

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