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Reduced Buying is not a new concept but a lifestyle change. Everyone loves shopping. From shoes to bags to purse to amazing gadgets to delicious food. There is no stopping. The fashion industry, beauty, cosmetics lines, the consumer market business and the technology are ever-growing with the fact that there is no stopping. There is no stopping of the choices, variety and desires. There is always a window of NOT ENOUGH. That is why reduced buying is a topic to talk about.

Today I am going to share my point of view on why it is so important to display that you have 10 great watches when one can tell you at the same time. Now, this is a bit extra but the point is what is the need. Why can’t we lead towards reduced buying? If for example, I tell you why you have 5 watches, the expected answer would be that one is for the gym, one is a sports watch, one is for evening parties, one is for casual or rather you would say I’m bored of wearing the same watch again and again.

Some might say that they like to show it off in their friend circle and boost about that, very less would say that but still, someone will definitely think that. Why do you need so much? Reduced Buying is something that can be looked into. Ask yourself and answer it to yourself honestly. There are so many things in the market that can be avoided by reduced buying and can be made easily or with little effort at home. But in exchange for that reduced buying will benefit you, your family and the environment is so many ways. It will help us take the first step towards sustainability.


Reduced buying will cut down on more toxicity and preservatives reaching your home, it will help you reduce plastic and packaging waste and would also save you heaps of money. So let’s read the things we can avoid to buy and make at home. Let’s go through how reduced buying can help us in so many ways.



You shop because you want convenience, you want the necessities to fulfil your well being, you shop to have the luxury and you shop because you want to fulfil your desires of having something that works for you, that make your life easy, that makes you try so many different things at many levels. YOU SHOP TO ENJOY.

Buying the things that you actually need for your daily needs is not a bad thing at all. But upgrading it and piling up when you really don’t need can be a thing we can look into. Buy the needs, not the wants. And reduced buying is a concept that encourages you to shop only what you need.

Reduced buying

Waste management and plastic is a big big problem for the environment currently and encouraging food and products that have a big carbon footprint to make the situations worse. Having said that there are many other factors like socio-economic aspect and supporting local and seasonal, ethical agricultural practices and sustainable supply chain which add so much to it and that why reduced buying is one small step everyone can take to make the things better for the world. 

It has amazing benefits of reduced buying :

It saves you cost
Organise you better
Help environment
Help local community
Encourage traditions and culture
makes your life clean
You lead a healthy life
Makes you preservative free 
Plastic free
And mostly satisfied.



Cleaning products are the things that are needed in every household. But do you know that it is being involved with a long chain of supply and a lot of plastic packaging is involved in this process? Other than that, it also comes with a lot of cost and preservatives. Every other day the new upgrade comes with extra marketing and we as a consumer fall into the pray of these marketing gimmicks. But do you know that all these items can be easily made at home with eco or less waste and consumption?


There is not anything that you cannot make it at home if you try. Natural bleach, furniture polish, laundry detergent, dishwasher liquid, dishwasher, fabric softener, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, insect repellent spray and flood cleaning liquid and scrub. Reduced Buying tells you to make and prepare everything at home. Just recondition your mind.

Cleaning products that is used extensively in everyday life can be cut down on personal level. There are so many recipes that include simple products like herbs, vinegar, water, lemon, oranges etc etc that can be clubbed to make something so wonderful and gorgeous that all the above things can be reduced to minimum. So yes reduced Buying of cleaning pro an help a lot in generating clean and green life.


Then comes are our personal care products. We tend to spend so much on our skincare and makeup routine that we go crazy when there is some sale or promotions going on. And the irony is the natural and simple looks the best I mean all these skincare and makeup are mostly comprised of natural materials and we tend to exploit our skin and hair and body with these so-called natural and organic products and tend to not make them at home. Most of the plastic packaging is accommodated here, so much so that it is the most used consumer products.

Mostly all the personal care products can be under reduced buying and can be made at home or can be altered or enhanced at home easily. Just some reading and some know-how and you can create so many beautiful products at home. Mostly all the shampoos conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, creams and sunscreens, reusable wipes, face packs, face wash, hair and body scrub etc. can be made at home.

So just gather some natural ingredients like coffee, flour, curd, fruits, vegetable oils etc to make the best skincare products for yourself. Reduced buying is not only about shopping but exploring and experimenting.


Ahh, food…food is such a convenience. Especially packaged food. Isn’t it. But do you know the comfort comes with the price? The price that you pay and the price that we will pay later. There are so many packaged food that we can make easily at home thus reducing all the unnecessary and necessary food items purchased from the store. If I name the products, basically everything can be made at home but to name a few kinds of ketchup, mayonnaise, all kinds of nut butter, Nutella, spice mixes and salad dressings can be prepared at home.

Also, you can make your own butter, your own cheese and your own yoghurt, if you own a cow and get milk as well. So start making the basic packaged products at home and stop buying the so much plastic packed food. Packaged food is a very important to point of reduced buying.


Beauty and makeup industry is a vast market. And from one company to other everyone claims to have had the best products for your skin, for your face and overall your beauty and makeup. But I would not say it’s very easy to make all the lipsticks, mascara, liner, bronzer, blush, foundation, lip balms at home.

I am sure you can make them all at home Or replace with some natural alternatives but just in case its too much for you to make then just reduce your consumption of these beauties and makeup products. Go towards the way of minimalistic approach and lead a happy simple life.

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Then comes the nitty and gritty things for the home. Composting your food items to reduce waste and then turning them into your fertilizers, for your garden can cut a lot of waste and plastic bags to reach your home. Plus you are reusing your food scraps to make it useful in a better fashion. Reduced buying on things that can be recycled at home.

Also in the same ways, you can make homemade candles, natural room and car fresheners, fabric freshness, paper towels and so many other eco-friendly gifts and cookies and cakes and bakes that you really don’t need anything from the market. Make all the cool and delicious things at home which otherwise you run to the market and buy. Reduced buying is a wonderful thing to adapt for your own good.



Everyone loves jewellery but pilling up with so much jewellery like gold and diamonds and silver and metals and pearls that need so much of burning of fossil fuels in and out that can exploit the natural; resources so much. If you intend to buy jewellery or is an avid lover then look for the brands that sell for recyclable jewellery. Who create masterpieces with the e-waste, discarded materials and innovative by-products of the things you anyway buy from the market.

This way you will reuse the materials, will be happy and satisfied and also help the environment to not be exploited for too much. Think about it. Reduced Buying on jewellery is very important. Below is one jewellery brand I like that make products from discarded gold from laptops. Investing in some up upcycle jewellery or brands that contribute to eco-friendly campaigns is a wise thing to do. Check the brand here.

Check here : BAYOU WITH LOVE


Another thing we all go crazy is trendy clothes..the fast fashion industry is taking the environment with a storm. There is so much of production and supply going on and our desire of buying trendy clothes and latest trends never seize to end. This perspective is very important. Reduced buying on Clothes and fashion is so important currently.



There is a saying that says that there cannot be enough shoes. I mean how and why someone said that because for me essentially you just need 3 pair of shoes.. a formal, casual and everyday wear. Other than that everything is a luxury. Pilling up with so many shoes is not required and reduced buying of these items can be accepted in a life change.



Go for second-hand books or borrow books from your fellow reader friends or may make a list of yours and your friend’s fav books and buy the common once, post in various group and plan to exchange and read programs, enrol yourself in a library and invest in some ebook reader gadget. Reduce your consumption of buying a new book and then ending up stalking on your home.

I am definitely not encouraging you to not read but I’m more appreciative of people who use the resources and energy for better development. You can easily adopt all the habits and ways and means to reduce your buying of books and by using all the smart ways.


Some products tend to market themselves miracle or life-changing products..whitening, slimming, hair growth, height increase etc.. There are so many products in the market that falsely market themselves to innocent people and they end up taking big money packages and end up buying them. Don’t come in that trap. Just don’t endorse something that is not natural and that is not organic. And even if you do, research and then go for it.

Eat well and stay fit. Exercise, meditate and think positive. These products claim to be so miraculous that sometimes people come into the trap. Don’t come under the pillow and start looking life over all these issues. Receding hairline, darkness fairness, fat thin, long-short are all small thing which we need to look beyond. Rise over that.


I want this on my birthday, I want to buy my LV bag or maybe the other day I liked some cosmetics that I really don’t need but just because I want it I will buy them. There are so many ways you can reduce your material desires to actually divert them into more productive things that can help your well being and the environment. Invest in something more sustainable like making a garden, beautifying your home in more natural products, up-cycled products, streamline and invest in more eco-products and make you’re like simple and green.


One phone, 2 laptops, 1 pad, few iPod,1 big camera, one tripod, 1 water resistance, one for children, one for travel, new model, new update, new launches and new designs etc. there is no end to this race of buying fancy gadgets and there upgrades. Be mindful of what exactly is your need and how much you want. Make use of your phone until the maximum limit to avoid all the unnecessary e- trash that gets created at all respective home.

Eventually, figure out what exactly you are looking for in product research, read the supply chain guidelines and go for it. Be clear of your requirements and lessen the burden by not excessively going crazy on every new gadget that is launched in the market.


Another list of products is the life-changing beauty products, no wrinkle, black hair, tight skin, big eyes, red lips, smooth skin and perfect skin. I mean why. What is the need of these regressive thoughts on beauty standards? These beauty standards differ from person to person and never ever can you fit into the module of a perfect beauty definition.

We all are born beautiful and we should embrace of race colour culture and looks with pride and-stop going out for these products that obviously don’t add to anything because it’s not natural and inhuman.

Why go for these products when this satisfies neither you nor the numerous people who set these standards for you because nobody in this world is perfect on the lines of the boundaries. Who creates the boundaries and standards…no one know. Test at your home. Ask your friend and yourself the idea of perfect beauty and I’m so sure that it will be not the same. So stop following these false brand marketing and love who you are and how you are.


Until an unless it supports a local artist and boosts up a local craft tradition or heritage you should avoid buying unnecessary things that just add to your collection. Why ? We can totally avoid them and don’t add to pour pockets and burden your home and environment. Buying a expensive flower vase or artificial flowers when you can any-day invest in some nice potted plants that will give your home a life anyway.
Just casually adding to a dinner collection, a bike, few more cars, few more travels, one or two more vintage collection, few more clothes few more gadgets etc. makes a lot trash and added burden in the environment.


Now appliances are some things that always gets an upgrade and a new product is always better than the old one. Stop upgrading when you have the basic things at home and you really don’t need it. Reduced buying on Appliances that you already have is a wise thing to do.


When one goes to the market we tend to buy all the unnecessary things that we actually dont need. That someday we will buy someday we will cook and someday we will use. We should reject this notion and try to inculcate things in our lifestyle that we actually need. We keep on buying stuff that we really dont need and that adds and enhances the packaged and plastic industry to flourish.

We should only stock up how much we need. Just be mindful of your grocery list and shorten it, to only include items that you really need. Also shop bulk and local in whatever ways and means you can. Avoid food products that are travelling miles and miles to reach you that’s not smart and that’s not sustainable.


Preserved food items are a big industry and it’s funny how we stock up these numerous bottles of preserved food meat and drinks which we can easily do it at home. By using the ancient methods using salt, sugar, vinegar oils etc. there are almost all the food items that you can preserve and store. 



This is another concept that adds to lots and lots of plastic waste. Precut salads, fruits, also vegetable and eatables are take away quick and convince carry food category is adding so much in the waste of the world. Reduced buying of these things is very crucial.



Fruit juice drinks and other aerated drinks that are not healthy are sold extensively in the markets. To reduce their consumptions, try making these beverages at home or look for local communities who preserve these seasonal fruits and make beverages out of it. So many organisation support local people and local produce to make some very very delicious drinks that you might opt for. My take on this would be to drink freshly made juices and drinks and if you really want to opt for these products go for locally made juices and drinks and support local communities.


Some extra enhancing medications are sold in the market. They lure you and market you to actually decide that you need them, don’t go for them. Adopt natural methods to enhance and improvise the things you are not happy with. Follow a clean healthy routine, eat well eat local and seasonally, exercise, meditate or do some sorts of body and soul relaxations, read and research and just don’t go for these blind products that might have so many ill effects on your lifestyle. Think about it.


So after going through the blog I’m sure you must be wondering that there are so many things that one can get rid or reduce the shopping. Reduced Buying is a great concept and if you apply it in your real life you can save a lot of trash and a lot of packaging and a lot of plastic. Plus you will be blessed with the homemade natural food and things in life. Better arrangement organized set up which also will save you lots of money and gives you satisfaction. So grab the shopping list and start cutting down on the things that you really don’t need and can cut it for the betterment of your well being.


  1. Sejal Sanil

    My mom gifted me a titan watch 10 years back. I just own that one watch. I own 2 footwears. Me and my sisters exchange clothes similarly her sons clothes r passed on to my son saves me a lot of money too. Im a minimalist and now i want to start making few products at home at first and then totally switch. Your posts are awesome and giving me inspiration to make my own products. Thanks a lot dear.

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